That Time I Was Diagnosed with a Rare Cancer (Part II)

I continued to record several videos over the following weeks. Not knowing a specific diagnosis kept me moving through each day as if everything was going to be alright, and talking to the camera was cathartic. This is my first time sharing these videos.

Due to the location and size of the tumor, my local oncologist referred me to a surgeon at Moffitt Cancer Center. The local oncologist said I’d probably have surgery and go through a couple of chemo treatments. Sounded easy enough, so we went to lunch to “celebrate.” I felt relieved, I felt positive. Surgery and a couple of rounds of chemo. No biggie.

Here’s how I felt about all that:

And then my attitude took a turn:

So as you can see, I was getting angry. The video above shows my polite anger. But I was so tired of talking about “it.” Not knowing the specific kind of cancer was irritating, but more than that, just still reeling from having cancer. Me. Why me??

But we had to move forward. My first trip to Moffitt was on January 17, 2021, for a CT scan.

Finally, a diagnosis, and a reminder that God works in mysterious ways:

And that was the last video I made in 2021.

The following Tuesday I had a port placed in my chest and began chemo the same day. This is a whole other topic that we’ll get into a little bit later.

2 responses to “That Time I Was Diagnosed with a Rare Cancer (Part II)”

  1. I’m just blown away you could do those videos in the midst of the dreadful process only we understand, the agonizing diagnosis , hurry up and wait, torture phase of our journey. This is very impactful and so well done but it stirs up things that I had put away. This latest recurrence scare brought back just what that is and you said , how do people get through this alone ? Well you and I know the answer , Jesus. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fiercely exacting and I guess having it come back as a possibility made me aware of just that and brings back that fear recollection. By God’s amazing grace here I am. But I’m so damaged financially, socioeconomically , from a family abandonment perspective and I’ve got work to do. Bless you for this monumental effort and what it will mean for all of us walking with you in this. May the Lord richly bless all you do here to His glory. In Jesus’s name I pray , Amen

    1. Thank you, Amy. You have truly been an inspiration and God send to me and Nelson. Your story has shown us how God takes care of us when we don’t see a way. And no matter what, Jesus is beside us always! Just as you have been there for us, we will be there for you too.

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