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The Trip of a New Lifetime: Utah and the Grand Canyon

It’s going to be fairly difficult for me to put my one year Whippleversary trip into words. But I’ll give it a go and try to keep it organized.

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon

As I shared in my last post, after chemo treatment, a Whipple surgery, and more chemo, I finally began to feel like I was sort of prepared to send my broken body out into the world to see what would happen. Apparently I like a challenge and put together a trip that could make or break me. Or do both, simultaneously.

The Itinerary


Since we were only a couple months out from departure, there weren’t a lot of hotel options in our price range. Oddly, that’s the fun part for me – looking for alternatives and making it work.

Bryce Canyon Lodging:

Grand Canyon Lodging:

Salt Lake City:

When planning the trip, I felt like I was leaving plenty of room for rest. But we made ourselves busy with sightseeing and coming across random things to do.

I think that helped me forget about how tired I was or how my stomach was feeling. Having something to see or do kept me moving forward. The day after hiking three miles of Bright Angel, I took a nice, long nap.


Many have asked what my favorite part of the trip was, and I just can’t decide! Each stop had it’s own unique aspect, so I’ll name a few things from each.

Bryce Canyon

Grand Canyon


Sundance/Salt Lake City

I look at our photos and I just can’t believe that it’s me. My new normal is hanging in there. I’m learning to go with the flow, enjoy each moment, and allow God to show me his beautiful creation. It’s been a complete 180 from last year and I can’t get enough of it!

Let me know if you have any questions about our trip or need any recommendations!

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