I’m Fine. Everything’s Fine.

I think I shook myself up after the chemo post (and that wasn’t even the half of it – ug).

Since that post I haven’t felt completely fine. A bit of stress has been hitting from all angles and I have another 3 month scan coming up this Friday (August 5, 2022).

When I do look back, the past 90 days have been truly amazing. My Whippleversary trip, home improvement projects, and returning to work full-time (from home) have been really positive steps toward feeling “normal.”

I’m not constantly thinking about what my next meal will be, not overwhelmed with medication, and some days I forget what I’ve been through.

But as we get closer to scan day, the “scanxiety” picks up again. I don’t feel anxious or worried per say. I just feel like I don’t want the present taken away. We’ve planned some home projects and getaways and I don’t want that to come crashing down. Again.

Each day I’ve been excited about moving forward and we’ve accomplished some great things in the past few months and I don’t want to take any steps backward. I don’t want the momentum to be halted.

So we pray. And your prayers would be appreciated too as we get closer to the morning of August 5th.

Thank you.
With all my love,

2 responses to “I’m Fine. Everything’s Fine.”

  1. You know you can bank on my understanding interceding. Every 3 months is tough but you will graduate to every 6 , as I did recently and then a year and then , I dunno , just for ha ha’s , every now and again. ( that’s a medical term 😊) Anyway Chica , you are THE BOMB, and by God’s grace , you SO got this ❤️

    1. Amen! Ohmygoodness, imagine a life where it’s every now and again! Yassssssss!
      Thank you for your encouragement, always.

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