Who’s Ready to Move onto Four Month CT Scans?? THIS Girl!

Find Joy!

I received great news last Friday (Aug 5, 2022)! There continues to be no evidence of disease and that was my last 3 month scan! My next scan won’t be until December. Amazing! God is so good.

Molly, Me, and Leah
My Moffitt Team

We stayed the weekend in Tampa to make the city a little friendlier to me. I had spent 2021 hating Tampa so much so we are trying to make it something to look forward to now.

I had planned on getting out and about and taking in some sights, but after my scan, bloodwork, and clinic appointments, I absolutely crashed for the next two days.

After a somewhat strenuous month of professional and personal projects and hurdles, in addition to the scanxiety, I really felt like sleeping for a whole day.

Now it’s time to get back in the saddle and tackle the next four months with praise and joy! Thank you for your continued prayers!

(If you really know me, you know my sense of humor can be a bit morbid and I have absolutely no problem teasing Nelson that he has at least four more months to put up with me.)

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  1. Linda Schaeffer Avatar
    Linda Schaeffer

    Prayers and joy for you and Nelson now that this last scan is behind you !!

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