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The Good News Bearer

I am less than a week out from another surveillance scan. The first one since I was “upgraded” to getting one every four months, instead of three.

The extended time period has been nice, but the scanxiety seems a little worse this go-around. There was something reassuring about going more frequently. On the other hand, there’s never anything reassuring about putting more radioactive materials in your body multiple times a year.

I’ve been keeping myself busy. And still probably too busy. Yet busy enough to prevent too much worry from invading my thoughts.

I’ve noticed a couple of things about myself that I’m not sure has been the result of chemo or just part of getting older:

My scan will be December 6th around 9am and whatever news there is or isn’t will be relayed to me about noon. This is the first time my scan has been intentionally scheduled on a Tuesday which my nurses insisted we do so that my oncologist, Dr. Reed, could meet with me and “deliver the good news.”

This will be the first time I’ve seen him in person since my surgery in June 2021. I’m taking it as a good sign that they believe it WILL be good news. Dr. Reed unfortunately has the responsibility to deliver a lot of bad news and scenarios. I’m praying I can live up to being an exception in this case!

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