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A Thank You

Thank you to everyone who prayed and checked-in on me over this past week.

My sharp pains dissipated for a Monday afternoon flight home. I am very thankful it was just a two-hour trip. Compliments to Jetblue for that MCO to DCA route. Both flights were pleasant and uncrowded. It’s a smaller plane that thankfully has two seats on either side of the aisle. Nelson likes the window so I’m glad I wasn’t stuck in the middle.

The pain has improved and I don’t have any current concerns that warrant a trip to the doctor yet. Everything is functioning fairly normally.

Dr. Google gave me several options on what could have caused my misery. I’m hoping that being more mindful of what and when I eat will help. My digestive system feels exhausted.

Between having the flu, taking antibiotics, and whatever this latest episode was has worn me down. I’m fatigued, but trying not to give into it too much so I can regain my energy. My sleep is wonky and off schedule.

I need a reboot! Someone come unplug me and plug me back in!

I’d like a few weeks of rest so I can tell you all about my outpatient chemo. Yay!

That’s all I have for these little update posts right now. Hoping to get back to “regularly scheduled” informational (and fun!) posts soon. As well as a reveal of something I’ve been working on to release some additional creative energy.

Thank you all again for the love and prayers. It’s always a massive help to me spiritually.

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