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Chemo (Part III)

I was hoping to post more frequently, but I’ve found my free time has decreased significantly. We’ve been doing a little bit of traveling which I have been thrilled about, but I’m still reconciling that my mind and body just can’t handle as much as it used to. So in my first chemo post, now […]

Things I’m Still Struggling With

For friends who have seen my social media recently, everything may look pretty good. We had a wonderful weekend in New York City and celebrated a friend’s birthday in Sarasota/Longboat Key. In general, life is going really well on this side of cancer and I’m incredibly thankful. But there are a few things that I […]

Chemo (Part II)

In my first chemo specific post I gave an overview of the drugs and the timeline. The next couple of posts I’m going to dig into the process and little intricacies. I will follow up with the side effects and long-term implications as well. The Port If a patient will be receiving chemo drugs intravenously […]

Find Joy!

Who’s Ready to Move onto Four Month CT Scans?? THIS Girl!

I received great news last Friday (Aug 5, 2022)! There continues to be no evidence of disease and that was my last 3 month scan! My next scan won’t be until December. Amazing! God is so good. We stayed the weekend in Tampa to make the city a little friendlier to me. I had spent […]

I’m Fine. Everything’s Fine.

I think I shook myself up after the chemo post (and that wasn’t even the half of it – ug). Since that post I haven’t felt completely fine. A bit of stress has been hitting from all angles and I have another 3 month scan coming up this Friday (August 5, 2022). When I do […]

Books on shelves

Books for Summer 2022

Since I wasn’t able or in the mindset to read books last year, I’ve decided to dive right back into them now that my brain is back. Here’s a quick list of what I’ve been reading recently! Find these at your local bookstore, or I’ve included the Amazon links below. What I’ve Read Mystery/SuspenseThe Kind […]

Christina at inpatient chemo in hospital

Chemo (Part I)

Overview of Chemo Treatmentfor Ewing’s Sarcoma The worst part of my cancer treatment was chemo. Looking back on it, I can’t wrap my head around how I got through it. And I didn’t even complete the planned course. I was told over the phone how my chemo regimen would go about 5 days before receiving […]

Nothing Short of a Living Hell

I started a post about my chemo treatment. I want to share the ins and outs and ups and downs of it, and I want to provide more detail and emotion than what I may have written on Caringbridge. So I started writing the post and going back and researching the names of the drugs […]

PTSD Awareness

I don’t believe notifications were sent out about my last post (it has a few more details about our recent trip to Utah and Grand Canyon). But you can view it here! Today (June 27, 2022) is PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) Awareness Day. There’s a day for everything now. Donuts, llamas, sunglasses, flipping a coin […]

The Trip of a New Lifetime: Utah and the Grand Canyon

It’s going to be fairly difficult for me to put my one year Whippleversary trip into words. But I’ll give it a go and try to keep it organized. As I shared in my last post, after chemo treatment, a Whipple surgery, and more chemo, I finally began to feel like I was sort of […]


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